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Innovate Alabama, the state’s innovation and entrepreneurship initiative, asked Launch’s Entrepreneurship Pillar to organize their North Alabama meeting.


We provide a platform to amplify and empower North Alabama’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Launch Entrepreneurship Pillar is focused on fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in North Alabama by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and key ecosystem leaders to support the launch and growth of new companies in our region. Our work also includes advocating for entrepreneurship with public officials, and executing impactful initiatives that capture and engage the public to illustrate the power and potential of entrepreneurship.

How we’re making an impact

Launch catalyzes entrepreneurial activity through strengthening relationships, generating awareness and ultimately reducing the barrier of entry for entrepreneurs from our region. We empower entrepreneurs by making opportunities more equitable through introductions to key resources available in our ecosystem such as programming, cofounders, key employees, investors, and customers.

Singing River Trail Launch Tank

Launch partnered with Singing River Trail to create a “Shark Tank”-style competition for new and existing North Alabama entrepreneurs. The SRT Launch Tank attracts and benefits entrepreneurs from across the region. Its finale events featuring live pitches are attended by hundreds of business leaders, public officials, ecosystem stakeholders and the public. Finalists in the program receive non dilutive funding and direct introductions to programs and resources from the ecosystem tailored to support their business needs.

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Innovate Alabama Partnership

Launch works with Innovate Alabama to align entrepreneurial activity and opportunity to Innovate Alabama’s statewide priorities. In October 2022, Launch facilitated a North Alabama roundtable for Innovate Alabama, bringing together entrepreneurs, elected officials, and key ecosystem leaders to discuss the status of entrepreneurship in North Alabama. During the meeting, Launch advocated for North Alabama entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem to state leaders. We will continue to pursue opportunities that connect entrepreneurs, ecosystem leaders and elected officials.

Ongoing Communications

In order to strengthen relationships and generate awareness of activity and opportunity for entrepreneurs throughout the region, we deliver a monthly email to a growing list of stakeholders. The communication includes event and program announcements, new developments, North Alabama entrepreneur stories, and updates on progress made by the Launch Entrepreneurship Pillar. This effort keeps people connected and provides a venue for ecosystem players to share and participate in the entrepreneurial accomplishments of the region.

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